Verpakt is an recruitment and HR company where employees are seen as the company’s main stakeholders and as such, are chosen through careful recruitment procedures to ensure overall team success. With innovative aspects of Job Analysis, Sourcing and Interview Practices, Verpakt ensures that value is added to any team, immaculately.


We handle employee recruitment and management from top to bottom. Verpakt ensures that all employees are catered for through Payroll, Contract Management, Medical Aid, Life Insurance, Personal Counselling, Security, Monitoring and more. We believe in essential training in the areas of leadership, coaching, mentoring all with ongoing performance management. From the initial interview to a core part of the team, Verpakt will work alongside all employees to ensure an on-brand and valuable transition for your firm.


At Verpakt, we are firm believers in the power and passion of learning. With an emphasis on education, team growth & development are at forefront of all our strategies.




Actively Learning Organisation

We strive to keep growing and learning as part of your team.

Growing, Together

Building and training your team keeps us growing.

Investing in Human Capital

Employees are your most important stakeholders, we’ve here to make sure of that.

Top-Tier Training

All of our processes are suited to your needs to ensure a powerful workforce.

Diversity Driven

At Verpakt we believe that diversity is the key to unlocking a company’s full potential.

Verpakt Management Services